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The journal page is an insight to what is happening in the studio. Thoughts ideas and new work

When the outside world sees new work it is sometimes challenging for the viewer to fully comprehend and embrace the work because they have not been part of the development process or the origin and concept of the idea that excited the painter in the first place.

For this is the reason I have put together this journal page, a scrapbook of thoughts and ideas and an introduction to the work in its development stage.

For 2017 I am developing a new "Big Skies" series.  These represent my response to the elemental world.  Although they might appear to be quite figurative forms, when painting them I like to think of them more as emotional expressionist abstractions and not cloud formations.


Looking at these massive sky sculptures with their unbelievable weightless size and mass silently and slowly shifting across the oceans, I can't help but be emotionally affected.  For me there is a magical wonder, a dream like state of another world very alien but also very familiar reflecting and illuminating the light around them.  My focus in this series is to invent and recreate these massive sculptures from my own memory of what I experienced when seeing them.


Imagining their beautiful deep shadows casting over the water and each other and the way warm shafts of light fall over their rugged terrain reflecting in the vast oceans below, Giving me an overwhelming feeling of reverence and a need to interpret them in my own way.

Timeline of early development to present-time, this will be updated through the process of the painting